19 Funny Easter Fails

Easter… What a time to be alive! Family, food, cute bunnies, Easter eggs hunts and a ton of chocolate.

What could possibly go wrong?

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9 Reasons that toddlers are like tiny dictators

Ahh dictators… Shouty, angry, manipulative, extremely dangerous – and in most cases rather short. Remind you of anyone? As much as we love our mini Mussolini’s there is no getting away from the fact that toddlers are well… Kind of scary! Here’s our run-down of why toddlers are like mini dictators

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The pros and cons of home birth

Below is a list of the pros vs the cons of home birth, which should come in useful when when you are making a decision. The main thing to remember is that whatever you decide, it’s YOUR choice!

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‘We are the Robots’: Watch cute German primary school kids perform Kraftwerk’s Die Roboter

Kids at the Lemmchen primary school in Mainz, Germany paid tribute to krautrock legends Kraftwerk in the cutest possible way. Such a joy to see the kids of today are being taught the important things in class 😉

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Thinking about a home birth? You need to read this…


If you’re having a pregnancy with no complications, I can assure you that what you are considering is common sense. To produce those magic birthing hormones, which help you have a quicker, less painful labour – you need to be in a dimly lit, calm, happy, familiar environment… Sounds like home, right?

So isn’t it crazy that a hospital delivery ward is the complete opposite? Bright lights, strange smells, noises and people. This kind of environment triggers adrenaline. Adrenaline is the hormone that you want to try your hardest to avoid producing in labour! Production of this slows everything down, then you are on the road to unnecessary medical procedures or caesarian.

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