Thinking about a home birth? You need to read this…


If you’re having a pregnancy with no complications, I can assure you that what you are considering is common sense. To produce those magic birthing hormones, which help you have a quicker, less painful labour – you need to be in a dimly lit, calm, happy, familiar environment… Sounds like home, right?

So isn’t it crazy that a hospital delivery ward is the complete opposite? Bright lights, strange smells, noises and people. This kind of environment triggers adrenaline. Adrenaline is the hormone that you want to try your hardest to avoid producing in labour! Production of this slows everything down, then you are on the road to unnecessary medical procedures or caesarian.

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Clamping Down on Cutting the cord…

I wanted to write a post about the current method in 3rd stage labour of instantly clamping and cutting the

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The 1st night home with baby… What no one tells you

One thing no one is really brutally frank with you about when you are pregnant, is what will happen on

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Pushing Uphill – The Great Lying Down Lie

OK so another righteous ramble of mine about the dated methods of labour that still seem to be the majority

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