Enough about me… Let’s talk about me!


So let me tell you a bit about myself..  My name is Melissa, I’m somewhere towards the wrong end of my 30’s (we’ll leave that there) and have 2 gorgeous little rascals called Amelie and Archie.

Before I had kids I worked within the London nightclub/music industry for most of my adult life. I worked at labels, recording studios, ran parties, promoted nights, booked DJs, worked in PR/press at venues – you name it. As well as working in the industry I was of course very much the archetypical “party girl”. I worked hard (still do!) and a played hard (now not so much!).

I met my partner in 2010 – in a London nightclub of course –  and by 2011 we went travelling and somehow ended up living in Thailand and managing a friend’s 1k capacity nightclub on an island in the Gulf of Thailand called Koh Tao. I also ran my own social media/digital PR business online for clients back in London and this ticked us along financially. Then… To cut a VERY long story short – a year later I was in our bungalow on stilts holding “that” white plastic stick in my hand – and the rest is history. By no accounts a conventional start to a pregnancy!

We moved to the bigger neighbouring island (Koh Samui) quite soon after, as ours didn’t even have a proper doctor, let alone an obstetrician! We had to do this bumpy 4 hour journey by boat – with all of our belongings in a massive pile and our 2 crazy Thai cats, Vic & Bob, in a massive bird cage (we didn’t have a carrier!) meowing the whole way. Needless to say we looked like absolute NUTTERS.

After a few more comfortable months living at a lovely house our friend rented us, we eventually came back to the UK to live when I was 8 months pregnant. So 8,020 miles later (with the 2 mental ASBO Thai cats in tow.. That’s another story..!) we were back in London. I gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter and 16 months later gave birth to our (not so little!) son at home.

So here we are! I now work in an Advertising/Content Marketing agency doing social media and content for brands. It’s not easy juggling full-time work with 2 small children (understatement) and some days I feel like I’m going nuts, but hey, that’s parenthood for you right?!

2 thoughts on “Enough about me… Let’s talk about me!

  • 13th March 2013 at 9:21 pm

    I was so pleased to stumble across this blog, having worked in the club industry for 16 years I was intrigued. I was even more delighted to find you are obviously a gentle, informed parent/attachment parent:) so nice to read about a parent that I can relate to:)


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